My Coaching method:

As a Coach, my role is to partner 1:1 with clients and to collaborate with them in identifying and pursuing authentic and personalized change(s) in their life. 

I have worked with hundreds of people (honestly) in the last 10 years and I have found that regardless of the change being explored and pursued this work aligns with the following trajectory:

Self-discovery + Well-being + Aligned Self-Agency=Success

This is not a program, a plan, or a pre-identified list of action steps to follow. This is not me telling you what to do, or crafting a 52 point plan before beginning. 

What this is is a collaborative, co-creative process, where together we will look first to get clear on your vision for your future, and then begin to take regular action(s) that align with that vision to support your overall success. 

By following this sequence, we will be able to harvest and capitalize on personalized learnings and insights, troubleshoot any changes that may arise (life happens, right?), and continue to move in the direction of your goals.

With consistent commitment and action, we will chart a course of authentic, sustainable success while building your self-confidence and deepening the well of self-understanding.

Coaching Rates:

Coaching sessions are held via video chat. Most clients are well served by weekly sessions for the first month, and then we can look to maintain (weekly) or adjust (to biweekly) depending on what is comfortable. Cost is determined on a client by client basis.

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