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I have always been fascinated by people, and the influence of culture on behavior. Specifically how notions of ‘normal’ are formed by our experiences and how that orients the perspective we have of ourselves, our lives and what is possible for us as individuals and collectively as groups.

As a coach, my work is in this space… working to get into the crux of where people are compared to where they want to be, and orienting an individual path forward toward the desired state.

I love this work because it is incredibly unique and while I have coached hundreds of people in common areas of physical and emotional health and well-being, finding that hook and traction point of motivation, desire and agency has never been the same for any two people.

Sometimes I think of coaching like a game of Jenga. As the coach, looking to understand all that is present there and using the conversation to gently tap on the stack of tiles until the lose one(s) is found. Then, allowing the client to remove and stack it in an authentic way that brings them closer to their goals.

This is intricate and layered work, and I am fortunate to have been working with people in this way for the last six years. This amount of time doing what is known as ‘high volume’ coaching has afforded me a unique perspective and I look forward to using this place to distill and share those insights.

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