Emotional Well-Being Coaching

Modern day life is busy, and sometimes in trying to stay on top of everything, we lose sight of ourselves. We wake up one day and realize that we are putting one foot in front of the other from the moment the alarm clock goes off in the morning to when our head hits the pillow again the majority of a day later. We look in the mirror (or the camera on selfie-mode) and do not recognize who we see and wonder what happened to that thing we so meant to start 6 months ago but haven't gotten to yet...

Does that sound familiar? I have worked with hundreds of people who find themselves in this scenario and have successfully pursued making personalized, authentic and sustainable improvements in their lives.


The good news is that wonderful things happen when we choose to invest in ourselves and make changes that support our ability to be our best self. As your coach, I will partner with you in a process of self-directed exploration of the life you are wanting to live. Together we will work to set goals that support making lasting changes so that you are able to realize an improved quality of life in an honest and authentic way(s).  I look forward to embarking on learning what this means to you and embarking on this process. 

Coach Training

'Coach' is an increasingly popular word, and one that has ten thousand meanings. At its core, Coaching is a supportive relationship and both people's participation is indicative of its success. 


What does it take to be an effective coach? I am able to work 1:1 with coaches or groups/institutions to identifying strengths and improve growth edges in the areas of:

  • Coaching Presence

    • Client Focused Relationships

    • Building Trust and Rapport

  • Coach: Client Communication & Conversation Flow

    • Active Listening

    • Motivational Interviewing

    • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Successful Navigation of Behavior Change

    • Readiness to Change

    • Self-Efficacy

    • Goal Identification and Monitoring Progress

    • Troubleshooting Challenges and Working with Setbacks

Taking part in this type of relationship does not come naturally, however, becoming adept in it is possible if we invest time in learning about ourselves, Coaching Psychology, and how to pull from both to maximize our impact. This training will allow you to do both so that you can bring your best to the coach: client relationship.


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