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About Me

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Megan Murk, MA, NBC-HWC

My Story:

I was fortunate to enter the world of health and well-being after sustaining a life-changing knee injury in 2010. Through that experience, my world was opened to an inclusive, mind-body understanding of life, living and an individual's ability to inform their own trajectory.

I earned a Masters Degree in Integrative Health, and a Certificate in Integrative Wellness Coaching in 2012 and have been working at the intersection of Behavioral Health and Well-being ever since.

In that time I have worked with hundreds of people on an array of facets of health and well-being and have thoroughly appreciated joining each individual on their unique journey towards defining and achieving their goals.

In 2017 I was in the inaugural passing class of the National Board Certification exam for Health and Wellness Coaches (NBC-HWC) and am proud to be amongst this pioneering group of highly qualified coaches.


Along with working with individuals and groups to improve their health and well-being, I am passionate about the growth of the Coaching profession. Since 2014 I have been working to train and mentor coaches to support the building of their careers and refining of their coaching skills. 


I am grateful to have found this path for myself and look forward to getting to know and partnering with you in your work. 

My Philosophy

I strongly believe in honoring each person and their journey towards health and well-being. As humans we unique individuals who experience life through the intersections of what is within us, and the environments and structures that are around us. Because this is true, I believe that no two people will have or should have the exact same experience in defining and pursuing their goals. 

In my decade plus of Coaching, I have worked with hundreds of individuals from diverse racial, gender, geographic, socioeconomic, cultural, age and religious backgrounds; The majority of whom have had different life experiences than my own. I honor and respect these experiences, and they have reaffirmed for me that the Coach's role is to meet each client where they are at, respectfully honoring their whole self, and align with them in pursuit of a more preferred future (however that is defined by them).

With all of this being said, I am not here to sell you on a program, curriculum, or my vision of what you need to live a better life.  My role is to help you to discover what "better" means to you, and co-create feasible strategies and game plans to support moving in that direction.

I am not here to sell you on promised outcomes, as I know that the best, sustainable success comes from supporting the discovery of values aligned and authentic change, not getting people to follow a prescribed plan.

I am not here to be something or someone you compare yourself against, as this work is not about you being more like me, but me holding space and facilitating a respectful and collaborative environment for you to give voice and take action towards your goals and dreams. 

I am here for you, as your Coach, and respect and honor that partnership.

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